Story Submission Guidelines

We aim to publish as many personal  short stories as possible. The stories that carry important messages now, next year and in years to come. So we need to make sure we get your submission right beforehand.

Align With Our Mission

We love promoting positive short stories that share firsthand personal accounts of small wins, acts of kindness, day-to-day observations and uplifting experiences that change humanity for a better world, however insignificant it may feel to you. And if they make you laugh too, even better! It could be a conversation you had in the supermarket this morning or a memorable event in your life that you haven't shared until now.

We only publish short stories that include a positive lesson or takeaway: a monologue of moaning, ranting or finger pointing with no substance, isn't going to cut it.

Tell A Story, Succinctly.

Keep it concise and to the point. Use up to 600 words (and no fewer than 200). Submissions up to 800 or over will be edited or returned for revision. For email, use up to 360 words (no fewer than 150). For video, keep it to 1 minute or less, and a 1-2 sentence summary only (no more than 150 words). For podcasts, keep it to 3 minutes or less, and a 1-2 sentence summary only (no more than 150 words).

Entertain & Educate

Our short stories look to raise awareness of women helping other women through small acts of solidarity, that challenges today's issues surrounding gender equality, identity, discrimination and oppression. Each story should try and tie into this theme (whether its importance was lost in the past, exists now, or will be vital in the future). Its format could be anything from an interesting musing, a narrative nonfiction or a thought-provoking conversation. The choice is yours!

Please note: we publish personal stories only and do not accept promotional pieces. You can include links to your social accounts and website, but the copy must be non-promotional.

Aesthetically and Stylistically Appealing

We would like your story to be carefully structured, and edited for grammar, spelling, readability, and cohesiveness before submitting your piece. The more editing required, the less chance we have of publishing your piece.

All submissions should have a relevant image. Bonus points for articles with beautiful, rich media (video, data, charts, or even GIFs) throughout the story. All images must be owned by you or include a cited source. We retain the right to remove images from submissions and replace them with those our editors pick.

We Reserve the Right to Alter and Edit Your Story

We can edit the content of your story if grammatical errors are found, along with adding logos, bios, ads, images, etc. to your story.

We will only publish author bios that are 1–2 sentences long. Please feel free to include 1–2 links. Anything longer will be removed (including author photos, newsletter forms, excessive links, etc). These shorter bios and a single sentence CTA to recommend and share will help increase the amount of people your story reaches.

Response Time

We try to come back to you quickly, but our response times can vary depending on how many submissions we have on at one time. If you haven’t heard back about a submission within 72 hours, please assume it won’t be published. When we do respond, we will either accept your submission without changes or send it back to you with suggested amends, to either keep it in-line with our mission or for compliance reasons.


To have your submission considered, please fill out this form. And if you still have questions after reading this guide, you can email us at We’re looking forward to your submission!