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OkayDan is the brainchild of Viviana Cerutti, who’s turning heads in the free-from market with her fresh take on food allergies and hormones.

Eating for a long, healthy life

Growing up in a Spanish family that lives to eat not eats to live, Viviana is a serious foodie. She rebels against the hyper-healthy stereotype, saying it’s important that we enjoy quality food around a table, with lively conversation (and good wine). Life is for living. Throw in a few veggies with each meal and you’re peak #foodgoals, right? Or so she thought.


Viviana was thrown a curve ball after certain foods became problematic. She suffered from chronic tiredness despite long sleeps and developed rashes and other allergic reactions. It was overwhelming and she felt out of her depth trying to understand why.


Her A-HA moment arrived when she faced her fear and admitted that she couldn’t ignore the symptoms any longer. She had to start paying attention to what her body needs and that it would require going back to school. Fast forward 15 years later, a library of research under wraps, and she was raring to go.

The strong link between hormones and allergies

A verified guru on food allergies, hormones and the links in between, Viviana is eager to share her knowledge. “We need to understand our own bodies better and it’s a personal issue. A specific diet that’s great for an active teenager won’t necessarily work for a middle-aged post-menopausal woman. Why do we analyse our food according to numbers and calorie counts rather than how it makes us feel? We have to introduce food to the same social circles that dictate mood swings, sleep patterns, sex-drive, development and everything in between!”


For Viviana, it’s not about doggedly following the latest food fad or trend. It’s about educating yourself so you have options and choices. Sounds obvious when you say it, but isn’t that the case with all big ideas? Luckily for us, she’s willing to share what she’s learned. Brand new to the start-up scene, she promises culinary free-from excitement with all the health benefits. And she’s already giving the industry a shake-up. Definitely one to follow…