Can We Raise £10,000 In 30 Days?

We have 30 days to raise £10,000 for The Nerve Network! Can you help?

  SORCHA EGAN | May 15 2019 | 1 minute read

Esther Kwaku The Nerve Network Margret 30 days


One of our super talented members, Esther Kwaku from the Nerve Network, is out in Uganda right now, having taken on the monumental mission of RAISING £10,000 IN 30 DAYS…


She’s out there helping a good friend of hers, Margret. And I’ll be honest, Margret’s story is a tough read…

Following what she thought was a routine visit to the doctor for malaria, she was told she was HIV positive. Her treatment started and she had a serious reaction to the medication, putting her in a coma. On waking up, Margret’s hair had fallen out and she had lost her sight in both eyes. Trying to adjust to a life with HIV and an isolating disability, she quickly became dispirited and depressed, with no support from her husband (who told her that she was worthless). She was genuinely suicidal, with an exact plan of how, when and where she would end her life…

Okay. That’s the deeply sad bit over with.

The good news is, a brilliant organisation, MADIPHA, caught her when she hit rock bottom and helped her get back on her feet with a much needed dose of love, kindness and respect (and MADIPHA is a whole other immensely cool story).

Today, Margret is back to her energetic former self and she’s now on a mega mission to help the many others around her who are as desperate and struggling as she was. Her grand dream is to build a home and resource centre that will welcome severely disabled children and adults, providing the support they need to lead a better life.

Esther Kwaku The Nerve Network bricks


And that’s where we come in!

Est is out there right now, grafting hard so she can help raise funding for Margret’s mission. She’s whip-smart and a firecracker to boot, so I know she’ll make it happen. But she can’t do it on her own… Yep, agreed – there’s never a ‘good’ time to give. It can feel overwhelmingly depressing when you look at the poverty happening around you and you don’t know how to stop it. There are always people out there who need our help and you give when you can, right?

Today, we need to help Margret!

This is an amazingly uplifting opportunity to connect on a human level and witness a fantastic project that will keep on giving for years to come. You can follow the build, the funding and even Margret herself as the support centre takes shape…

Who’s got £10k to give? NOBODY. That’s not the plan. It’s your pocket change that’s needed. Just in this community alone, if we all donated £20 today, we’d literally help provide the bricks, cement, timber, paint, steel doors, solar lamps and a shed load more items needed to build Margret’s awesome dream home that will support those who are genuinely in need.

Esther Kwaku from The Nerve Network with Margret

Margret and Est comparing new hair dos


Just £20 each and we’d hit the £10,000 mark! BOOMSHANKA!

Pretty powerful when you pool everybody’s pocket change together isn’t it? Also, how amazing will you feel after helping another magnificent woman who is fighting hard to do good and help others. Doing it all with a MASSIVE smile on her face and an infectious giggle (according to Est)!

I’ve just donated my £20… Let’s help Margret lift up those around her so there are many more stories with happy endings like hers.

Women are amazing. And when we work together, supreme things happen.