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We are a community for women who share uplifting stories and ideas for good, that excite, surprise and spark action. We live life on our own terms and do everything with pure, unadulterated good intentions. Together, we are part of a bigger story.


You're In Good Company

They say it takes a village to raise a child because it takes all styles and forms to teach the richness and complexity of what is right and wrong, what is valued and safe. This applies to adults too. You should surround yourself with people who think differently from you. People who take you out of your comfort zone and ask you the hard questions that your family and friends won't. You need healthy conflict and contrary perspectives to dig out the truth and help you see past blind spots. No one person knows how to deal with everything. So why try and do it on your own? 

community for women who are sharing stories for equality

Our culture relies onas a necessary ingredient.


Why would you accept someone else's definition of your life? You've got to live it on your own terms and forget the labels that affect everything from the clothes you wear, the car you drive, the house you live in, the words you use and the things you do. Fitting in is the opposite of being yourself. We celebrate our differences and how they affect us, as much as we love what we have in common. All of us have something unique to offer and the HerWord community represents conversations of all flavours.


If social media was a diet, we really are what we eat. Our minds are in overdrive from the endless scrolling, mind-numbing click bait and fast food headlines that give you a sugar crash two hours later… Not to mention all the ads. It can all feel a bit too close to Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror. So more than ever, we need to make time for real conversations that challenge the zombie digital noise and wake up the bursting curiosity we had inside of us as toddlers. Where we question everything and get uncomfortable. Be who you needed to see as a girl. If she sees it, she will be it.



Let's go big, people. When life gives you lemons, make apple juice and leave everybody wondering how you did it. We'll re-design a new world. One that we can relate to and get behind, that sets our gone-past-its-sell-by-date-and-now-growing-mould oppressive systems on fire with new ideas that improve the lives of all people. Let's talk about what we want to see, because there is definitely a solution. The solution is all of us. We're an army of truth seekers who are learning healthier ways of living by breaking it all up, one conversation at a time. There is no blueprint or Eureka moment to get us there. But we start talking now, with small daily acts.

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