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It's a woman thing

(except, it's not)

We celebrate the everyday, unfiltered conversations that are revamping what it means to be female, in the boldest, funniest, saltiest way possible. We celebrate the small wins for a better world. The daily stories that don’t make headline news, but add up, one conversation at a time, to big changes. The everyday good stuff that helps you be who you needed to see when you were growing up.


Small Wins, Big Gains

We get behind the ordinary, lived moments that make you laugh out loud, cheer you on and remind you of what’s important. The conversations that bring your everyday experiences to life. Whether you're zinging off a hilariously beautiful takedown to a sexist tweet, you've nailed a work project based on merit or you've helped an exhausted mum get her hangry toddler and shopping into the car, you can learn a lot from the day to day moments. Because in each of those, you're  doing something good. Take the time to appreciate them. Real life is where it's at and the best way to learn about the world is from other people. Let's celebrate our stories while we make new and unexpected connections. Stop zombie scrolling on your phone and slow down your frenzied schedule just for a moment. Listening connects us and you'll be amazed at what you learn.


We're Your Bolthole

Forget unicorns, Instagram motivational quotes and all that sparkly shit. We're talking about a safe space to feel good about yourself and get your values straight. Our home-grown, funny and liberating conversations about women clearing hurdles while they're breaking the mould is a tonic for any day, good or bad. Nothing is off limits. We’re not star-studded, influencer-rich or power heavy. We love learning about the real-life, game-changing experiences of ordinary folk. The brilliantly unapologetic conversations that are seeking out a happier and healthier world. A world that doesn’t oppress women and harm men. A world that we’d be proud to pass on to our new generations, right?

The She Space Community

Here's the thing. You don't expect to have anything in common with a billion+ other people just because you may or may not have a vagina, do you? People are complex and life is messy: women's issues go way beyond your body, into gender identity, race, class, sexuality, ability, bodily autonomy and... humanity. You can't box us in and ignore the broader problems, that would be like playing a really long game of Whack-A-Mole.

But here's the other thing. Despite our multiple identities and differences, we've got so much more in common than not. We all want to be treated as human beings, for starters. When we share our conversations and stories with each other, it's a small act of solidarity. We're sharing ordinary moments of living in today's lopsided world, whether it's being told you're in a bad mood because 'it's that time of the month' (no, it's just you), being demoted because you wore a natural afro hairstyle or being asked to be more lady-like. Because, gender binary blah.

We've all been there. So when we really listen to each other, these small acts of solidarity allow us to find common ground and connect. It begins and ends with respect. Women are spectacular (most of the time). And everything is simply better when we learn from each other's unique experiences and perspectives, have a sense of belonging and enjoy the diverse relationships around us. So kick off your shoes, grab a drink and start sharing!