13 Relatable Truths From Women This Week

Fix up, look sharp. Don’t talk to Paul. And never, ever exfoliate your vagina. The Women Of The Internet have spoken and it’s poetic… 

  SORCHA EGAN | Mar 1 2019 | 1 minute read


1. On mansplaining the vagina


2. On not being racist. Nope. Not racist at all. Definitely not…


3. On mannish man woman man bags

  4. On being asked pertinent questions


  5. Olivia. Colman. Olivia. Colman. Olivia. Colman.

(And Susan Calman too).

  6. On vaginal exfoliation

  7. On lady pockets


  8. On thermodynamic equations, the periodic table and the world ending


  9. On Ctrl+Alt+Clit

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I got a good laugh from this

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10. On the circle of life. Again

  11. On pinch-yourself-and-realise-how-lucky-you-are dads


  12. On making your Meghan Mark…le

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  13. On Paul being the Best Version Of Himself