11 Relatable Truths From Women This Week

Being a woman ain’t easy. We face all kinds of barriers that men don’t have to think about and we’ve got a long way to go before things level out. But we should have a laugh along the way, right? Contrary to popular misogynistic beliefs, women are smart and funny…

  SORCHA EGAN | Feb 20 2019 | 1 minute read


1. On the good old days


2. On female role models

“Orange is the New Black is the most successful show in Netflix’s history and The Handmaid’s Tale is the most successful in Hulu’s. And now Wonder Woman is being hailed as the movie that has “saved” the DC franchise. It’s almost like people are actually interested in seeing more of women’s stories on screen instead of the same tired shows centered around flawed male heroes that the mainstream machine has churned out a million times before.”

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3. On travelling with children


4. On letting toys be toys

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5. On polite reminders

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6. On being likeable


7. On minding your own body

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8. On the circle of life


9. On sniffing out the perpetrator

“Instead of shaming women into shaving and putting on makeup society needs to start bullying more men into……like……at least wearing deodorant “

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10. On the art of manliness


11. On sugar and spice and all things nice